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A workflow integrated real-time stock management solution for medical and financial administration.

Integrated with AXIS(R) structured reporting - now doctors only need to record data once.

What do we offer

Medea is optimally used together with the structured reporting form, where medical professionals register clinical data and stock use. This is simply performed by reading in the barcodes of the items used. Yo do not need structured reporting? No problem, you can directly scan in the stock consumption data into Medea.

The unmatched opportunities provided by utilizing rel-time data in your decision making process is complemented by additional features built in Medea

Statistical Reports

Consumtion Warnings

Order Management

Tendering Support

medea By Neumann medical

Problem and solution

Medical stock mangement requires a very rigorous and precise administration. This is especially true to high turnover and expensive cardiac interventions.
Operating teams and medical professionals should not be pushed to document more - their work should be kept focused. Yet they are the ones who really understand what is happening in the theather.

Medea provides a solution to this problem. A robust structured reporting tool developed for cardiac intervention is combined with a fast and accurate stock management system. This way automated medical reporting and stock managment becomes the same process of the workflow.

Collecting medical data and scanning in the utilized item barcode data onto a structured form cuts out double administration. Structured data is used to create medical reports saving documentation time, while stock data is automatically used to update the inventory, and consignatory storage status. Reports, statistics and stock refill orders are generated automatically to further reduce administration load - while cutting out human error.

How does it work?

Medea is a thin-client solution, it is accessibble thorugh a web browser. A local server ensures secure data storage and integrations. Your existing HIS, EHR and ERP systems need no to be changed. Interfaces allow seamless data connection, patient data and stock consumption data is freely transferred into your currently used systems. The only major change is that from now on all medical and stock utillization data can be accessed in one place.

Specific benefits


  • Less documentation
  • HR time saved
  • HR cost reduced
  • More patients


  • Human error minimized
  • Accurate patient and device tracking
  • Loss reduced
  • Fraud redcued


  • More real time data - better planning
  • More efficient spending
  • Follow up on SOP and protocol execution
  • Quality management


  • More time with the patient
  • Guideline adherent forms ensure better quality
  • Standardized beautiful case reports
  • Quality management

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